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The Shallow GOP Gene Pool

June 6, 2011

    The GOP’s search for a viable presidential candidate is akin to a needle in a haystack. And we all know that such a quest can result in a very painful moment of discovery.     What we have now, save for Pawlenty and the recent entry of the Mittster, looks like a group photo taken […]

Arizona in the Crosshairs

January 11, 2011

Arizona was a “Territory” till 1912, and certain folks there are yet to stop riding mules and seeking gold in ghost mines. Quaintly, Phoenix’s “Historic” district are homes built in the 1930s and ‘40s. This is also the Arizona that nearly lost a major college bowl game a few years ago for outlawing Martin Luther […]

This Just In: the Spin is On

November 3, 2010

Wednesday morn, cup o’ joe in hand, I turned to major news channels for post election analysis–CNN’s usual straight election reportage complete with views from Dems and Publicans, and Fox’s “fair and balanced” anaylsis limited to the things they could most crow about: Ohio, Ohio, Ohio. “Fox and Friends” is the lamest stab at truth-telling […]

The Controversy that Won’t Go Away

September 18, 2010

Because some people don’t want it to. It’s the best wedge issue they’ve got now that Andrew Breitbart self-destructed and Sarah Palin may soon be right on his heels. Both have been darlings of the political right wing and seen early and often on Fox News till Andy crashed and burned with his slice-and-dice video […]

What Is WRONG With These People?

July 22, 2010

These days are nothing short of temporary social insanity. Such is human nature when stress is virtually intolerable and the body politic is hurting. I say “temporary” because we can only hope and pray that it is. At such times, certain behaviors are excusable to a degree but there is a difference when inmates attempt […]

Tea and No Sympathy

April 20, 2010

Freud did not say we are just a herd animal. He said we are one with a leader. And therein is the solvent of the celebrated and so-called Tea Party, running on angry fumes whilst hoping and praying for a figurehead. Sarah Palin’s not it, since she’ll take anybody’s money in exchange for a whoopee-speech. […]

The Truth About Sarah

April 17, 2010

That Palin gal’s a piece of work. She was already on the ropes as guv of the Frozen State and would’ve quit anyway after her most recent term–now she’s the toast of the (tea) party: here, there and everywhere, speakin’, talkin’, cheerin’, signin’ books and stuffin’ dough in her bloomers. She’s “a brand plucked from […]