Ichabod's Kin
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Ichabod’s Kin offers insight into popular culture, social and political issues, and religion in America.

An ancient text describes a loss in warfare that devastated a nation. A family patriarch  died on hearing of his son’s death in the conflict and loss of its Ark of Covenant–symbol of the people’s power and glory– whereupon a son is born prematurely to the dead warrior’s spouse and named Ichabod, “for the glory had departed” from the nation.

“Ichabod’s Kin” represents all who share both love and concern for our society and its well-being.

The accompanying commentaries do not portend or expect the ruin or demise of the American republic but cite the alarming loss and decay of vital values and first principles of our nation that must be retained and held high if we are to flourish within and continue to be a beacon for all humankind.

John Burciaga brings a life and career as journalist and theologian to these insights, which may be found at once penetrating, acerbic and humorous.

“Great men can make great mistakes” – Karl Popper

“The mass of men live lives of quiet desperation” – Thoreau

“Learn not to have enemies, only confused adversaries, who are ourselves in disguise” – Alice Walker

“People who read supermarket tabloids deserve to be lied to” – Seinfeld

“God has arrived. He was on the 5:15 train” – John Maynard Keynes

Note: Some comments in Ichabod’s Kin are reprinted from the Newburyport CURRENT, with permission of GateHouse Media.

This site made possible by Life and Writing Consultant Kerri Richardson accessible at website: http://www.kerririchardson.com

9 Responses to “About”

  1. John always writes such insightful observations.

  2. I am past being amazed at the humor, insight and compassion in John’s writing and work!

  3. I knew the John of more than 50 years ago, but have just discovered the current one.
    Edgy? yeah. But his stuff embodies so much of that, “If you’re not outraged, you’re not paying attention.” John obviously is – and has been – paying attention, and writing about it dead-on.

  4. Absolutely fabulous and so “right-on.”

  5. Such a bad experience at the Inn at the Paseo! Embarrassing!

  6. Perceptiveness and stirring insight has always been John’s best attributes. He never fails to impress me!

  7. Too bad the DNC didn’t have John overseeing their campaign copy for the last elections!

  8. I wanted to reconnect with your blog. We are so alike in our thinking. We shared Spanish, but you were always the class star…

  9. I’ve been looking for you John! I KNEW you were out there! 🙂

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