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Tea and No Sympathy

April 20, 2010

Freud did not say we are just a herd animal. He said we are one with a leader. And therein is the solvent of the celebrated and so-called Tea Party, running on angry fumes whilst hoping and praying for a figurehead. Sarah Palin’s not it, since she’ll take anybody’s money in exchange for a whoopee-speech. […]

See, I Told You So

March 23, 2010

Busting Scott Brown’s Chops Forgive me for borrowing the title of a Rush Limbaugh book (“See, I Told You So,” but for years he’s been snitching pages from the life and career of Father James Coughlin, who savaged FDR while people cheered, so let’s call it even. Note however that FDR is now a giant […]

CNN Is Drinking the Tea

March 5, 2010

Pygmies casting such long shadows is a sign of how late in the day it has become. CNN is drinking the “Tea,” a libation as lethal as Jim Jones’ cool-aid in Jonestown, and, in its infinite tolerance, purveying this deadly potion to the public. As U.S. politics boil to extreme temperatures, CNN’s apparent pull-back from […]