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The Emmys: Or, Where the Red Carpet Leads

September 20, 2011

    I am cynical to the max regarding the world of celebrity, and TV’s Emmys take no edge from my sarcasm. It is my missionary duty to convince others that it will rot mind and soul.     Emmys night is the time to see all the TV actors and shows you didn’t know existed. Or […]

Murdoch: Or, When They Do It to Themselves

July 13, 2011

    I love dead poets, and dead philosophers too. Thank goodness for liberal arts educations and their classical referents. They won’t make you rich like an MBA does, but they help to make important sense of the world.     Aristotle’s definition of tragedy is among the truest of insights: people and institutions that have the […]

What Is WRONG With These People?

July 22, 2010

These days are nothing short of temporary social insanity. Such is human nature when stress is virtually intolerable and the body politic is hurting. I say “temporary” because we can only hope and pray that it is. At such times, certain behaviors are excusable to a degree but there is a difference when inmates attempt […]

See, I Told You So

March 23, 2010

Busting Scott Brown’s Chops Forgive me for borrowing the title of a Rush Limbaugh book (“See, I Told You So,” but for years he’s been snitching pages from the life and career of Father James Coughlin, who savaged FDR while people cheered, so let’s call it even. Note however that FDR is now a giant […]

Just Don’t Call Us Racists

January 23, 2010

Denial, as they say in Twelve Step programs, ain’t just a river in Egypt. And there is an adage in religious circles that Dutch Baptists choke on their pipes when they see Spanish Baptists drinking red wine. Everyone else has a problem, except “us.” And certainly we are not racists. To say, as was common […]

Send Lady Liberty Back to France

September 26, 2009

During Obama’s struggle to bring about health care reform, fall of ‘09 brought, on the heels of ugly Town Hall meetings across the U.S., a new low in Congressional behavior from Joe Wilson of South Carolina and indications that our “nation of immigrants” no longer tolerates its own kind anymore. This begs the question: why […]

Rush to Judgment

February 7, 2009

When radio commentator Rush Limbaugh said, in early 2009,that he hoped  Obama “fails,” it set off a storm of criticism across America, along with staunch   defense from his “dittoheads”  (As a news column, these comments were  reprinted through much of the U.S. during February of that year) When a certain Limbaugh said of president Obama, […]