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November 2, 2015

          Around coastal Georgia are what are known as frizzle-chickens, scruffy and battered-looking, ends of feathers twisted forward, and known for continuously scratching in the dirt. Earlier poor settlers, refugees from slavery, deemed the toil of such fowl as attempts to uncover evil spirits and expose them to sunlight, thereby killing them.           After too […]


October 28, 2013

     llalloween’s here, and I am reminded: Some people are scaredy-cats, and I’m one of them. We order our lives so as to feel in control, to be captains of our fate, masters of our destiny. So who are we kidding?    Herman Hesse said we live in the realm of the uninsurable. Freud said it’s […]


September 20, 2012

    Pardon the hiatus, but I suspended further comment because I had said all that was needed in the earlier days of the campaign and up until April. Those who wish to revisit my blog posts in the Politics category will find the following:            1. That Mitt Romney would be the Republican nominee, […]

America the Moderate Again, At Last

November 16, 2011

    In recent weeks I have cautiously observed a  morphing towards change-for-the-better that trumps my prior heightened sense of alarm at the political direction of this country. And of late I have heard this echoed by other observers of the national scene. Let me explain.     Not to say that there won’t be disappointments and […]

Electoral Anger

November 8, 2010

One can only hope that the arrival, at last, of voting day and of therapeutic release through balloting, may have broken the fever of too many months of extreme emotion. But such emotion must be seen for what it was–and wasn’t. We were first told that the electorate was seized by anger, and I had […]

This Just In: the Spin is On

November 3, 2010

Wednesday morn, cup o’ joe in hand, I turned to major news channels for post election analysis–CNN’s usual straight election reportage complete with views from Dems and Publicans, and Fox’s “fair and balanced” anaylsis limited to the things they could most crow about: Ohio, Ohio, Ohio. “Fox and Friends” is the lamest stab at truth-telling […]

A Message to Brown

January 30, 2010

A MESSAGE TO BROWN (Scott Brown’s stunning upset in the Massachusetts special election to replace the late Ted Kennedy sent shock waves throughout that state and the Democratic establishment in early 2010) Deal with it. Martha learned her lesson in sudden, stunning fashion. And Scott will surely learn his. He’s the beneficiary, for now, of […]