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Lincoln & Obama, General-ly Speaking

February 1, 2014

          Americans, encumbered with a love of all things military and the notion that those in uniform can do no wrong, quickly forget the sins of the most higher-up, the generals: the Petraeuses and McChrystals and their ilk.           Pride went before their fall, but it’s all a ho-hum, let’s-move-on matter. But generals do matter: […]


May 27, 2013

    Republicans believe that God loves them again. Having lost all foothold on their anti-Obama attacks since his re-election, and staring at the chance of a mid-term electoral disaster, along came some red meat not even of their making.     Well, the Benghazi smear is their creation, given that it was all they had–before the […]

Re-Gifting Lady Liberty

December 29, 2010

‘Twas the day for Giving. Now are days for re-gifting–passing unneeded or unwanted gifts on to others, or Return to Sender. Given our anti-immigrant rhetoric and legislation, it’s time to send the Statue of Liberty back to France. Call it a re-gifting of Lady Liberty. We don’t like immigrants. But did we ever? Killing the […]

No Thanks to Presidents

November 23, 2010

This year will be no different than any other. We give no thanks to presidents till they’re out of office. Till then, we give them a lot of lip, like kids who think their parents are dumb and later realize they’re were pretty smart after all. This is especially true since JFK. The so-called “seer” […]

Be Not Afraid of MAD MEN

October 26, 2010

Or mad women for that matter. A great part of the electorate in this year of our Lord 2010 is described as “angry.” Oh, tell them to get over themselves. What are we supposed to do, run and hide when they show up? Actually, that’s what some people do, to wit, stay home and not […]