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          However NFL commissioners are removed, this one needs to go, whether for mis- or malfeasance in office.

          The attempt to hang Brady and, by extension, to hamstring the Patriots, was a put-up job from the beginning. Goodell’s not the only rat in this: other team owners went along when they should have spoken out, but it was to their advantage to hobble the Pats, and silence became their cowardly response. We already know what price the Indianapolis Colts—those sad whistle-blowers—have paid: natural justice has seen to that, and not only has their recent past been a sad one, but their future too is at risk.

          It is a sad commentary on our times that the way used to stop the unstoppable, especially when they are winners, is to criminalize them. I was already deep into GOP political websites when they admitted they couldn’t stop Hillary without convincing the public she was a felon. Sadly, in her case it worked, though the email hoo-hah, like Deflategate, was and always will be a red herring.

          Such was the sorry stab at stopping Brady. First let us admit that the reason they hate him is he’s beautiful—and an incredible winner. New York sports fans think they’re automatically entitled to the Champion brand because, well, because they’re New York. But before the Super Comeback of recent vintage, Boston was already the Sports Capital of the World with nine championships spread over four pro teams. And this makes the tenth.

          In the minds of Pats-hater, this had to be stopped, and using the lame accusation served up by the Colts, Goodell, with plenty of other Patriot competitors cheering him on, declared Tom a criminal. And think about it: that would have stuck if Tom hadn’t stuck it to the Commish with his onfield heroics.

          Sad it was, in a way, but a comeuppance of rare vintage, that we all got to see Roger tug at Tom’s jersey to force a handshake on the post-game winner’s dais after the big game—then to not let Brady’s hand go as if to plead that his be a quick death, and not a slow, painful torture. (#RogerKnowsWhat’sComing). Okay, fine, just get the hell out, Rog; that’ll be penalty enough—and spare us all the impeachment process, just resign and we’ll all be good.

          But Tom and the Pats org are bigger people than I am. Brady allowed the post-Bowl public intrusion by Goodell when by all rights he could have simply grabbed the trophy and turned to the crowd with exultation, leaving Goodell with Falcon eggs all over his face. Belichick too was a bigger man than Roger will ever be, and only defensive coordinator Matt Patricia spoke for our collective pique by debarking the team bus wearing a Goodell clown-shirt because that’s what the Roger is. Matt can be forgiven for that by merely hanging the shirt next to the commissioner’s list of unsportsmanlike failings throughout the nightmare of enflatement charges, and see which is worse.

          But back to Brady. Every team in the NFL wish they had one like him or, in another universe, had Tom himself. But they didn’t, they don’t and they won’t. He’s self-effacing, spreads credit all around, knows who’s boss (Belichick), trains exhaustively, is a family man and just all around beautiful. Too many other superstars are glory-hogs and playboys, however talented or overrated, like A-Rod, for Exhibit A. Not Tom. He’s just beautiful—like the kind of guy you wish your daughter brought home to marry. And that’s what steams Tom’s critics so much, they can’t hang a thing on him. All they could do is declare him a cheater, and always will, regardless: “See, he didn’t have to cheat, so why did he?” How about: Because he didn’t. But that’s all they had to work with: a rumor, and a crook of a commissioner.

          Oh, and that brings up Roger again and, hopefully, for the last time. Go away, Rog. We gotta keep American sports clean and you’ve dirtied it, and yourself.

          One last thing. Donald Trump will want the Pats at the White House and we all know what he’ll do. He’ll say they have the kind of spirit he has, with which he’ll make American great again.

          False narrative. Alternative fact. No, Donald, you’re not the Brady, Belichick and Patriot of our time.

          You’re the Roger Goodell. And we’ll catch up with you in time too.

          As they say in radio and the military: Roger that.

            (John Burciaga can also be reached directly at Ichabod142@gmail.com)



  1. Good article, John although I am a Giant and Jet fan one cannot dispute the fact that he is probably the best quarterback of all time.

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  2. Wow, and “roger that” again………………….”over and out”………………………love, LL

  3. Excellent article John, thank you👍

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  4. Excellent article, too bad Paul Ryan cannot bring himself to admit Brady is the best quarterback the sport has seen!

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